Friday, May 31, 2013

Christina Masterson on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" (2012)

Her last gig before suiting up as Pink Ranger found Christina Masterson (Emma, Megaforce) playing another high schooler on the final season of the teen drama "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." Masterson appeared as an unnamed student in the episode titled "Girlfriends." The episode has main character Amy mentoring pregnant teen outcast, Kathy and suggesting she make some friends with other girls, which Kathy is against. When Amy tries to help her, she stops Masterson's character, hoping to strike up a conversation. Masterson's character completely rejects Amy and her attempt to talk, calling her a weirdo, before walking away. Christina Masterson appeared in just one scene of the episode and was credited as 'Random Girl.'

 photo secretlife-5x7-cm1_zpsc238f72e.jpg  photo secretlife-5x7-cm2_zps42106b13.jpg
 photo secretlife-5x7-cm3_zps3aff276b.jpg
 photo secretlife-5x7-cm4_zps6a1d5514.jpg  photo secretlife-5x7-cm5_zps0d7481d8.jpg

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Rhett Fisher on "In the Moment" - Web Series (2010)

Lightspeed Rescue alum Rhett Fisher (Ryan, Lightspeed) made a brief appearance on the web series "In the Moment." The series follows the lives of a group of gay men in California, as they struggle through challenges related to relationships, drugs and disease. The eighth episode of the series, titled "Tempting Proposals," finds one of the main characters, Edgar, getting a job in a gay bar, while struggling with drug addiction. After Edgar arrives for work, he meets a fellow dancer who offers him drugs. Rhett Fisher appears as an unnamed club promoter, who interrupts the two, letting them know that the crowd is getting restless and ready for a show. Fisher appears in a later scene, throwing the two men out of the club due to their drug-induced behavior while on the job. Each episode of the web series runs about 5 minutes.

 photo inthemoment-1x8-rf1_zpsda2dadfe.jpg  photo inthemoment-1x8-rf2_zpscdd2869d.jpg
 photo inthemoment-1x8-rf3_zps2465113f.jpg
 photo inthemoment-1x8-rf4_zps3c8e7589.jpg  photo inthemoment-1x8-rf5_zps39448599.jpg
 photo inthemoment-1x8-rf6_zpsb084a5ba.jpg
 photo inthemoment-1x8-rf7_zpsfe9b942f.jpg  photo inthemoment-1x8-rf8_zps8e2ffcee.jpg
 photo inthemoment-1x8-rf9_zpsab261af4.jpg

"In the Moment" can be seen on Youtube

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Daniel Southworth on "Kickin' It" - 4 (2013)

Daniel Southworth (Eric, Time Force) showed off his martial arts skills once more on the Disney comedy "Kickin' It." Southworth appeared briefly in the fifth episode of the current season, titled "The Sub Sinker." Southworth plays a martial arts action star featured in a classic karate movie that is part of a marathon being watched by main characters Jack, Kim and Rudy, while Rudy is trying to babysit a young boy simultaneously. Southworth sports a fake mustache for the brief scene, which is filmed to appear like a dated martial arts film. Daniel Southworth appears on-screen for several seconds in his fourth appearance on the series.

 photo kickinit-3x5-ds1_zps655d9232.jpg  photo kickinit-3x5-ds2_zps3b63a91b.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x5-ds3_zps6c2dfbfc.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x5-ds4_zps3105b432.jpg  photo kickinit-3x5-ds5_zps23c47491.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x5-ds6_zps233cff87.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x5-ds7_zpsd950ac48.jpg  photo kickinit-3x5-ds8_zpsfbc91581.jpg

Season 3 of "Kickin' It" currently airs on DisneyXD

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Aljin Abella & Nicholas Bell on "The Doctor Blake Mysteries" (2013)

Taking place in the 1950s, the Australian drama "The Doctor Blake Mysteries," follows police surgeon Dr. Lucien Blake, as he gets drawn into the cases baffling the police department, using his skills of deduction to find the culprits. The eighth episode "Game of Champions," finds Dr. Blake helping to investigate the murder of a contestant on a popular television quiz show. Aljin Abella (Theo, Jungle Fury) plays a major role in the episode, as Simon Lo, the show's very unpopular champion. On the night of the murder, the audience is shocked when Simon gets a question wrong, losing his status as champion to the more popular, good-looking James Holbrook. Simon appears just as shocked as the audience. Backstage, he confronts the show's married hosts, Alan & Verity Coleman, claiming the show was rigged so that he would lose. Later, James Holbrook is found dead. Simon becomes the top suspect, but when he reveals to a sympathetic Dr. Blake that he's been the subject of bullying by Alan Coleman and James Holbrook since their days in school together, Dr. Blake pays a visit to their teacher, Professor Robert Waterman, played by Nicholas Bell (Zordon, MMPR: The Movie). Waterman reveals that Simon was a problem student. He shows Blake a file of Simon's work, including essays where he tore apart the professor, claiming verbal abuse and harrassment. Waterman tells Blake that he shamed Simon, so that other students would have a chance to excel, something Simon's smart, yet arrogant attitude prevented. Dr. Blake then discovers that Waterman is one of the contributors to the show that provides the questions, including the one that played on Simon's past of bullying, causing him to lose focus and answer incorrectly. Given the rules of the quiz show, Simon is invited to return as champion, with Waterman as his opponent. After helping Blake gather more possible motives, Simon decides to go back, to defeat his professor. While on the live show, however, Simon gets electrocuted and dies, helping Dr. Blake realize he was the intended target all along, but James was killed instead by accident.

Aljin Abella

 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa1_zps726f1ac1.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa6_zps80a22d15.jpg  photo doctorblake-1x8-aa7_zps3d01139a.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa11_zpscaf80624.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa13_zps75e8bf74.jpg  photo doctorblake-1x8-aa17_zps0152bfd2.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa20_zps9cb148d9.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa24_zps98cebcd8.jpg  photo doctorblake-1x8-aa26_zpseeb0ce9a.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa29_zps5e2d4e70.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa32_zpsf8ee847a.jpg  photo doctorblake-1x8-aa36_zpsa06ca875.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa40_zpsf8876307.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa42_zps7fbfb089.jpg  photo doctorblake-1x8-aa44_zpsc62ec906.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa47_zpsea3f273f.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa50_zps4258a350.jpg  photo doctorblake-1x8-aa54_zps8b298208.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa56_zpsb4271188.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa59_zps06173eb8.jpg  photo doctorblake-1x8-aa61_zps163eeadf.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-aa63_zps2b3f3f8d.jpg

Nicholas Bell

 photo doctorblake-1x8-nb1_zps4c0d36e7.jpg  photo doctorblake-1x8-nb2_zps58773e36.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-nb3_zps11787d66.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-nb4_zps6a5feb9d.jpg  photo doctorblake-1x8-nb5_zpsf8049ee3.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-nb6_zpsfbabf6f9.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-nb7_zps39a3d2d4.jpg  photo doctorblake-1x8-nb8_zps86c0006d.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-nb9_zps8c8e7ce4.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-nb10_zpsdda792e4.jpg  photo doctorblake-1x8-nb11_zpsa0fecbf3.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-nb12_zps4053c069.jpg
 photo doctorblake-1x8-nb13_zps7cc2ce81.jpg  photo doctorblake-1x8-nb14_zps704c8c1b.jpg

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