Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jorgito Vargas Jr. on "Motive" (2013)

Jorgito Vargas Jr. (Blake, Ninja Storm) recently appeared on the Canadian crime drama, "Motive." The show's sixth episode, titled "Detour," finds the detectives investigating the murder of a mortgage broker. "Motive" differs from other crime dramas by showing viewers the victim and the killer at the beginning of the episode, with the rest of the episode devoted to figuring out the killer's motive for the crime, as the detectives track him down. Jorgito Vargas Jr. appears as Davis Soo, a man picked up for using one of the victim's credit cards. Davis also happens to be the man who reported finding the victim's body, which has the detectives wondering if he might be the killer. Davis admits to taking the card, but swears he didn't kill the broker. He gives a DNA sample and the investigators realize that given his stature, he couldn't have performed the strangulation required to kill the victim, which Davis takes some offense about. Realizing he won't be released given the card theft, Davis reveals that he saw the killer, providing the detectives with a sketch of the man responsible. "Motive" was recently picked up by ABC to air in the U.S. this Summer.

 photo motive-1x6-jvj1_zps426da918.jpg  photo motive-1x6-jvj2_zpsc2d09235.jpg
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