Sunday, April 8, 2012

Anna Hutchison & Pua Magasiva in "Panic at Rock Island" (2011)

The Australian television movie, "Panic at Rock Island," chronicles the devastating scene after a deadly virus spreads through Rock Island, off Sydney Harbour, during a rock festival attended by thousands of fans, mostly teenagers. Anna Hutchison (Lily, Jungle Fury) appears in a handful of scenes throughout the film, playing VJ Pilly, a television personality covering the rock festival. She interviews fans and musicians at the event, while not noticing the sick people popping up around her. When Rock Island is quarantined, despite the local government's adamant refusal to take action, her cameraman realizes the danger and the fact that a real news story could be happening that they could cover. Pilly, however, shows no interest in serious journalism. Despite the quarantine order, Pilly gets a boat back to the city, thanks to her high-ranking, government official father. The very last scene of the film shows Pilly succumbing to the virus, having never received the vaccine on the island, hinting that the virus could now be spreading in the city as the film fades to black. Another former Ranger, Pua Magasiva (Shane, Ninja Storm) also appears in the film, playing TK, a young stage hand who is hired to help setup the festival. He befriends two teens who sneak onto the island through underground tunnels, bringing the virus to Rock Island initially. While TK is never seen getting sick from contact with the teens, his friend Mace does catch it. TK gets him to the small medical post and he remains at his side for the rest of the film, as the medical team tries to figure out what they are facing. The film stars several other actors with PR connections including main star, Grant Bowler who played Antonia Prebble's father on "Outrageous Fortune," Viva Bianca who stars on "Spartacus: Vengeance" playing Craig Parker's wife and Simone Kessell, seen most recently on "Terra Nova," which also featured Eka Darville. You can catch Anna Hutchison getting gruesome again this Friday, when her feature film, "The Cabin in the Woods," opens in theaters across the U.S.

Anna Hutchison

Pua Magasiva

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