Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pua Magasiva in "Uso" (2006) - Short Film

Pua Magasiva (Shane, Ninja Storm) starred in the award-winning comedic short film "Uso" (meaning "brothers") back in 2006. Magasiva stars as Ranatonga, alongside Joe Folau as Brodie. The film finds the two close friends waiting for an important phone call outside a phone booth. Brodie is eager to speak to a girl he is interested in but the only number he gave her belongs to the phone inside the booth. His best friend Ranatonga keeps him company and tries to pump him up for the call, helping to ease his tension with humor. Despite the obstacles that face them (a rude woman wanting the phone and the police), the two don't give up on their goal. When Ranatonga is the only one around to answer the phone, he pretends to be Brodie and sets up a date for him so he won't lose his new love. The fifteen-minute short film was written and directed by Miki Magasiva. Pua Magasiva & Joe Folau also appeared together in "The Other Side of Heaven."

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