Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nathaniel Lees & Peter Rowley in "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom" (1994)

This made-for-television prequel to "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" finds Hercules on a mission to stop the reign of terror that his evil stepmother Hera has inflicted upon the lost city of Troy. Along the way, Hercules saves Deianeira (played by Renee O'Connor) who is later revealed as the heir to the throne of Troy. Nathaniel Lees (Master Mao, Jungle Fury) plays the pivotal role of the mysterious Blue Priest, who appears to Deianeira at certain points, revealing her importance to the kingdom of Troy. Ultimately, the Blue Priest tries to sacrifice her to Hera, until Hercules comes to her rescue once more. Ninja Storm voice actor Peter Rowley (voice of Zurgane, Ninja Storm) plays a small role in the film as the sidekick of an auctioneer whom Hercules & Deianeira deceive so that Hercules can retrieve the compass to lead them to Troy. Also featured in "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom" are John Sumner (Fresno Bob, RPM) and Patrick Wilson (voice of Dragoul, SPD).

Nathaniel Lees

Peter Rowley

"Hercules and the Lost Kingdom" is available on DVD

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