Sunday, May 5, 2013

Anna Hutchison on "Spartacus: War of the Damned" - 3 (2013)

Anna Hutchison (Lily, Jungle Fury) continued her starring role on the epic drama "Spartacus: War of the Damned." The fourth episode of the final season, titled "Decimation," finds her character, Laeta, still harboring Roman fugitives and providing them with food whenever she can, even with Spartacus still trusting her to give him information to aide his rebellion. However, when Laeta runs into one of the city's former slaves and drops the food, she pressures her not to reveal that she was collecting extra food. She disobeys, telling Spartacus' comrades, Gannicus and Saxa about the theft. Gannicus & Saxa confront Laeta, discovering the Romans she's been hiding. At the same time, Spartacus' rebel forces are growing fed up with the Roman captives and decide to slaughter them for revenge. Saxa attempts to bring Laeta to Spartacus to reveal her deception, but they are cornered by the rebels, who demand Laeta's blood for her actions. Spartacus arrives on the scene in time to demand her life be spared, despite learning of her attempts to help the captive Romans. Laeta tells them that she was only trying to help her people, as any of them would have done. The rebels are not happy to see Laeta live. A full zip of Hutchsion's screencaps is available to download below.

 photo spartac-3x4-ah2_zpsf14cdb84.jpg  photo spartac-3x4-ah4_zpsdd891d2a.jpg
 photo spartac-3x4-ah7_zpsd6dab13a.jpg
 photo spartac-3x4-ah10_zpsd490e2e3.jpg  photo spartac-3x4-ah11_zps82f70ad7.jpg
 photo spartac-3x4-ah15_zpse107d9a3.jpg
 photo spartac-3x4-ah19_zpsb5a5e0d5.jpg  photo spartac-3x4-ah21_zps43a408ff.jpg
 photo spartac-3x4-ah23_zpsc5643749.jpg
 photo spartac-3x4-ah28_zps196a3c14.jpg  photo spartac-3x4-ah30_zpse9378464.jpg
 photo spartac-3x4-ah32_zps61db7de6.jpg
 photo spartac-3x4-ah35_zpsb87aa9ed.jpg  photo spartac-3x4-ah36_zps80c83237.jpg
 photo spartac-3x4-ah39_zps7bfdf633.jpg

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