Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ciara Hanna on "Sam & Cat" (2014)

Ciara Hanna (Gia, Megaforce) expanded her Nickelodeon resume with a brief appearance on the hit comedy "Sam & Cat." The series follows two breakout characters from former Nickelodeon shows, thrown together for various misadventures. Sam from "iCarly" and Cat from "Victorious" find themselves as roommates who join forces as babysitters. The episode "#SuperPsycho," finds Sam being terrorized by a former nemesis and "iCarly" villain, Nora Dershlit after Nora escapes from prison. Nora seeks revenge on those that put her away so she seeks out the inept Gibby who reveals to her exactly where she can find Sam. Ciara Hanna appears as Lexi, Gibby's girlfriend. The two are on a date, but Nora interrupts before the movie starts. Lexi wonders who Nora is, but Gibby gets her to focus on the movie trivia while he talks to the demented girl. Ciara Hanna previously appeared on "iCarly" as an object of Gibby's affections, though her character in that episode was named Dana.

 photo samcat-1x31-ch1_zps3669d8ec.jpg  photo samcat-1x31-ch2_zps0a61a284.jpg
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"Sam & Cat" currently airs on NICKELODEON

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