Saturday, January 18, 2014

Amy Jo Johnson in "Tiger Eyes" (2012)

Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly, MMPR) stars in the award-winning film "Tiger Eyes." Based on the novel by Judy Blume, and directed by Blume's son Lawrence, the film tells the story of Davey Wexler (played by Willa Holland), a teenager dealing with her father's sudden tragic death during a robbery. Amy Jo Johnson portrays Davey's mother, the grieving Gwen, who takes her husband's death very hard. With her life falling apart, she takes refuge with her sister in New Mexico, uprooting Davey from her life in New Jersey. While visiting the canyons of Los Alamos in hopes of finding some peace with her grief, Davey meets a young Native American man who helps her cope with the grief and find her ultimate peace. Davey also tries her best to free her mother from her emotional breakdown, which includes attempting to start another relationship with an older man, helping Gwen get back on her feet and resume her role as a mother, allowing the family to remove themselves from the rule of her sister and brother-in-law. A full zip of Amy Jo Johnson's screencaps from the film is available to download below.

 photo tigereyes-ajj2_zps8147891e.jpg  photo tigereyes-ajj3_zpse3566035.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj5_zps778ff401.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj8_zpsfa7450b8.jpg  photo tigereyes-ajj11_zpsf43fa90e.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj13_zpse618247e.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj14_zps8431e4c5.jpg  photo tigereyes-ajj17_zps8b2964ba.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj19_zps885aa897.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj21_zpsef1a0a02.jpg  photo tigereyes-ajj22_zpsd068b7a0.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj24_zps0c68d001.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj28_zps3811566c.jpg  photo tigereyes-ajj30_zps12754524.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj32_zps262658be.jpg

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