Monday, May 27, 2013

Rhett Fisher on "In the Moment" - Web Series (2010)

Lightspeed Rescue alum Rhett Fisher (Ryan, Lightspeed) made a brief appearance on the web series "In the Moment." The series follows the lives of a group of gay men in California, as they struggle through challenges related to relationships, drugs and disease. The eighth episode of the series, titled "Tempting Proposals," finds one of the main characters, Edgar, getting a job in a gay bar, while struggling with drug addiction. After Edgar arrives for work, he meets a fellow dancer who offers him drugs. Rhett Fisher appears as an unnamed club promoter, who interrupts the two, letting them know that the crowd is getting restless and ready for a show. Fisher appears in a later scene, throwing the two men out of the club due to their drug-induced behavior while on the job. Each episode of the web series runs about 5 minutes.

 photo inthemoment-1x8-rf1_zpsda2dadfe.jpg  photo inthemoment-1x8-rf2_zpscdd2869d.jpg
 photo inthemoment-1x8-rf3_zps2465113f.jpg
 photo inthemoment-1x8-rf4_zps3c8e7589.jpg  photo inthemoment-1x8-rf5_zps39448599.jpg
 photo inthemoment-1x8-rf6_zpsb084a5ba.jpg
 photo inthemoment-1x8-rf7_zpsfe9b942f.jpg  photo inthemoment-1x8-rf8_zps8e2ffcee.jpg
 photo inthemoment-1x8-rf9_zpsab261af4.jpg

"In the Moment" can be seen on Youtube

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