Monday, October 27, 2008

Sean Cw Johnson on "7th Heaven" (2002)

Former Red Ranger Sean Cw Johnson (Carter, Lightspeed) appeared on the long-running family drama "7th Heaven" during its sixth season. Johnson played Doug in the episode "Holy War: Part 1" which centers on the upcoming wedding of the oldest Camden child, Matt (series regular Barry Watson). Matt's younger sister Lucy (series regular Beverley Mitchell) heads to the airport to pick up her grandparents whose flight is delayed. While she's waiting she meets Doug, a handsome young man with an instant attraction to her. Doug asks Lucy to keep him company as they both wait for the flight and she ends up inviting him to her brother's wedding, despite having a long-distance boyfriend. Doug never makes it to the wedding, since Lucy cancels on him when her boyfriend arrives at the last minute. Johnson doesn't appear in the second part of the episode. He is the third former Ranger featured on the blog for appearing on "7th Heaven." Christopher Khayman Lee and Deborah Estelle Phillips were previously posted.

Season 6 of "7th Heaven" is available on DVD

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