Saturday, August 4, 2012

David Weatherley on "Hounds" (2012)

Operation Overdrive's David Weatherley (Spencer, Overdrive) joined an ensemble cast for the New Zealand sitcom, "Hounds." Despite it's humor, the series' first episode opens on a dark note. David Carrington is an aging dog trainer who spends most of his life at the dog races with his trusty pet athlete. After a race, David suffers a heart attack and dies, leaving behind his young daughter Lily, and his older, estranged son, Will, who returns to deal with his father's estate, which he intends to sell, to the dismay of his half-sister, Lily and David's best friend, Marty, who resides in David's house as well. When Will learns he's been given guardianship of Lily, he remains in town and begins to learn about his father's way of life. David Weatherley appears on the series as Melvyn, the voice of the dog track, who calls all of the races. Melvyn steps up to speak at David's funeral, giving his own commentary on death. He later meets a young man who wishes to learn his job. Despite his comments that the boy sounds like a woman, he takes him under his wing to teach him.


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