Sunday, February 2, 2014

Archie Kao on "Chicago PD" (2014)

Archie Kao (Kai, Lost Galaxy) stars on the new NBC crime drama "Chicago PD." A spin-off of the successful "Chicago Fire" series, this one follows District 21, a division of Chicago detectives led by rule-bending sergeant, Hank Voight. Archie Kao stars as Detective Sheldon Jin, the division's tech expert. Among his first scenes in the premiere episode "Stepping Stone," Jin is forced to conceal footage of Sergeant Voight using brutal force against a suspect in the field. Voight is pleased to hear that Jin is taking care of the video. Later, Jin helps outfit new recruit Adam Ruzek as he heads undercover for the first time. The series also stars Sophia Bush, who is no stranger to PR co-stars. Bush starred on "One Tree Hill," where her character was romanced by another former Blue Ranger, Michael Copon.

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 photo CPD-1x1-ak2_zpsc6049f17.jpg  photo CPD-1x1-ak3_zps8507d987.jpg
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"Chicago PD" currently airs on NBC

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