Thursday, January 26, 2012

Keith Robinson in "35 and Ticking" (2011)

Keith Robinson (Joel, Lightspeed) played a starring role in the comedy, "35 and Ticking," which follows the story of four childhood friends, now in their mid-thirties, who struggle with issues of love, marriage and work but always find themselves relying on each other to find happiness and solve their dilemmas. Robinson plays Phil, one of the quartet, a father of two whose wife refuses to give up her partying lifestyle, constantly leaving him to raise their children. When she decides to leave him for a womanizing basketball player, Phil leans on his friends to help him get over the loss, especially his pal Zenobia. In the end, Phil's wife returns, attempting to get her family back while they attend their friend's wedding. Phil refuses to take her back, especially given her drunken state. Zenobia reveals their engagement and her pregnancy and they force her to leave the event. A full zip of Robinson's screencaps are available to download below.

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"35 and Ticking" is available on DVD

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