Monday, December 26, 2011

Walter Emanuel Jones on "Prime Suspect" (2011)

Walter Emanuel Jones (Zack, MMPR) recently appeared on the primetime cop drama, "Prime Suspect," during the show's tenth episode, titled "A Gorgeous Mosaic." Jones appeared in a trio of scenes as Randall Hughes, a young man who is arrested in connection with a robbery, which quickly turns into a homicide when the elderly victim dies from her injuries. Randall is brought in with another young man, who both accuse the other of robbing the woman after the police found them fighting over the woman's purse on the street. Without a criminal record (unlike the other suspect), the investigators figure that Randall is the most vulnerable under interrogation and they poke enough holes in his story that he reveals he and the other man committed the crime together, but when his partner got too rough with the old woman, Randall tried to call him off, leading to the scuffle between the men when the police arrived.

"Prime Suspect" currently airs on NBC

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