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Archie Kao in "When in Rome" (2002)

Archie Kao (Kai, Lost Galaxy) played a supporting role in the Olsen twins film "When in Rome." The movie has the twins playing Leila & Charly Hunter, two sisters in Rome to participate in a Summer internship program with a popular fashion designer Derek Hammond. Kao plays Nobu, a young man who is also part of the internship program. The six interns compete for two coveted positions as assistants to Hammond. Kao appears throughout the film in scenes with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The group becomes fast friends, despite the perceived competition. When they discover that Hammond's longtime associate is sabotaging the interns to get back at Hammond, they expose him and all six of the teenagers are invited to work with Hammond in New York. A full zip of Archie Kao's screencaps from the film is available to download below.

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Michelle Langstone on "McLeod's Daughters" - 10 (2006)

Michelle Langstone (Kat Manx, SPD) continued her recurring role on "McLeod's Daughters" in the fourteenth episode of the show's sixth season. Langstone appears as Fiona Webb, the fiancée of Alex Ryan who is mourning the sudden death of his mogul father Harry Ryan. In the episode titled "The Legend of Harry Ryan," the two are planning his funeral and eulogy when they discover a boxing medal belonging to Karl Weatherdon amongst his hidden belongings. Alex & Fiona do some research and discover that Harry was actually Karl Weatherdon, a young boxing sensation who disappeared amidst problems with his father, never to be seen again. Alex is even more stunned to discover his father had a younger brother who never knew him. Fiona is with Alex when he meets his uncle and at his side at his father's funeral. Given her prominence in this episode, a full zip of Michelle Langstone's screencaps is available to download.

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T.J. Roberts in "The Power Within" (1995)

Back in the 1990's, T.J. Roberts (Prince Dex/Masked Rider, MMPR) had a string of teen martial arts films in production. "The Power Within" found Roberts playing a shy teen who can't gain the courage to stand up for himself or ask the girl of his dreams to the prom, until he meets a karate master gives him a special ring that endows him with the power to unlock the hidden martial arts potential inside his heart. The film, of course, heavily features Roberts' martial arts background and also features William Zabka as the main villain. Fans of the genre may remember Zabka as the nemesis of Ralph Macchio in 1984's "The Karate Kid." Given his starring role, a full zip of T.J. Roberts' screencaps is available below.

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Antonia Prebble & John Leigh on "Outrageous Fortune" (2008)

Antonia Prebble's (Clare, Mystic Force) "Outrageous Fortune" character Loretta West takes center stage in the fifth episode of Season 4 titled "Remorseless, Treacherous, Lecherous." The West family is stunned by Loretta's surprise make-over which has everyone reminding them of her grandmother. Loretta doesn't reveal the reason behind her new look has to do with romancing her grandmother's former lover in order to further her latest money-making scheme. Loretta is at odds with her father over money and when he comes to her video store and takes her inventory, she strikes back by planning to burn the place down for the insurance money. She employs the family's firebug Sparky to do the job. John Leigh (Brownbeard, Overdrive) portrays Sparky, who has turned over a new leaf, leaving his drug habit behind. He is in the process of helping Loretta's dad with repairs to his new house when Loretta tempts him back to his drug habit and gets him to agree to the job. But when he arrives at the West house in the middle of the night, he reveals his fire caused the pet shop next door to also catch fire, killing all of the animals inside. This is Antonia Prebble's ninth post from "Outrageous Fortune" and John Leigh's second from the series.

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John Leigh

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