Friday, February 6, 2009

T.J. Roberts on "Married With Children" (1992)

Three years before he appeared as The Masked Rider on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Ted Jan Roberts (Prince Dex, MMPR) guest starred on the hit comedy "Married With Children." Roberts made his television debut in the seventh season episode titled "Every Bundy Has a Birthday." The episode revolves around the homemade birthday for the newest addition to the Bundy clan, Seven. When his new mom, Peg gives him her husband Al's birthday, they celebrate in the park until they stumble on another party being held by a rich family of martial artists who has reserved the park, forcing them out. Roberts plays Brian, the rich kid who is having his party in the park. When the situation turns into a brawl, he prepares to use his martial arts on Al, until young Seven steps in, punching Brian out. Roberts appears throughout the episode.

Season 7 of "Married With Children" is available on DVD

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