Friday, February 6, 2009

Cerina Vincent in "Everybody Wants to Be Italian" (2007)

Cerina Vincent's (Maya, Lost Galaxy) latest big screen feature "Everybody Wants to Be Italian" hit DVD shelves this week. Vincent stars as Dr. Marisa Costa, a veterinarian who gets set up with main character Jake Bianski. Sparks fly between the two, but Jake is still hung-up on his girlfriend who broke up with him eight years before (and is now married). He tells Marisa that he has a girlfriend, causing her to put the brakes on their dating so they can be just friends. But love blossoms between the two "friends" and things get more complicated when Jake's ex decides she wants him after all. In the end, order is restored and Jake finally gets his true love. The film's title is a line from the movie sparked by the fact that Marisa & Jake both believe the other is Italian, when neither really are.

"Everybody Wants to Be Italian" is available on DVD

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