Monday, September 9, 2013

Christina Masterson in "Deadgirl" (2008)

Christina Masterson (Emma, Megaforce) played a minor role in the horror film "Deadgirl." The film revolves around two troubled high school boys, Rickie & JT, who explore an abandoned mental facility only to find a strange woman imprisoned inside who seemingly cannot die, even as her body decays, leaving her with more zombie-like tendencies. The boys have differing opinions on what to do about the discovery, leading them down two very different paths, one extremely dark and the other looking for redemption, but the two cannot escape their growing connection to the woman, who ultimately leads them to an horrific end. Masterson is credited as Rosy, but her minor role ended up completely cut from the final film. She appears in one classroom scene where JT attempts to flirt with her, drawing her disgust. Though the scene was deleted, it can be found on the film's DVD.

 photo deadgirl-cm1_zps7ab305fa.jpg  photo deadgirl-cm2_zpsc28b8f59.jpg
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"Deadgirl" is available on DVD

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