Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jack Guzman in "Play the Game" (2009)

Jack Guzman (Danny, Wild Force) played a minor role in the film "Play the Game." The film centers on young car salesman, David, who has patented dating tricks to lure women. After spending time with his lonely grandfather, David coaches him on how to find love. At the same time, his grandfather imparts knowledge to help David find a true companion. David connects with Julie Larabee while playing a friendly game of football. David tries to use his techniques to lure Julie closer, but finds his grandfather's advice on women seems to work much better. Jack Guzman appears in two scenes of the film, as a member of Julie's football team. When David rigs the schedule to play her team again, he finds Julie is absent. He talks with Guzman's character, who agrees to help him get in touch with her after David lies about wanting to recruit her for his team. In the end, David & Julie find love. Guzman is credited as 'Captain,' pointing to his status on the team.

 photo playgame-jg1_zpscfc57d40.jpg  photo playgame-jg2_zps0997a402.jpg
 photo playgame-jg3_zps1203fba2.jpg
 photo playgame-jg4_zps34185331.jpg  photo playgame-jg5_zps91c8c00c.jpg
 photo playgame-jg6_zps7c72c4cf.jpg
 photo playgame-jg7_zps6a5865fc.jpg  photo playgame-jg8_zps11ced91e.jpg
 photo playgame-jg9_zps0db9f487.jpg
 photo playgame-jg10_zpsba5b858b.jpg  photo playgame-jg11_zps43a002bc.jpg
 photo playgame-jg12_zpsc1944fc8.jpg

"Play the Game" is available on DVD

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Commercial - Erin Cahill for "Lean Cuisine"

Former Pink Ranger, Erin Cahill (Jen, Time Force) can be seen in television ads for "Lean Cuisine." Cahill appears in the 30-second commercial promoting "Lean Cuisine's" new Honestly Good frozen meals. Cahill appears bare-shouldered, claiming to be going "au naturale" but reveals that it has nothing to do with her wardrobe and highlights "Lean Cuisine's" (stripped down) use of all-natural ingredients for the meals. You can view the full advertisement on Youtube.

 photo cm-leanc-ec1_zps8aa504d9.jpg  photo cm-leanc-ec2_zpsb66e308b.jpg
 photo cm-leanc-ec3_zpsf029dbb3.jpg
 photo cm-leanc-ec4_zps9c6129bf.jpg  photo cm-leanc-ec7_zps5f9a270a.jpg
 photo cm-leanc-ec8_zps1ec9611f.jpg
 photo cm-leanc-ec9_zps55ac44cf.jpg  photo cm-leanc-ec10_zpsc8a03b3b.jpg
 photo cm-leanc-ec11_zpse352eca3.jpg
 photo cm-leanc-ec5_zps66b7edaa.jpg  photo cm-leanc-ec6_zpsfba164d7.jpg

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Adelaide Kane on "Teen Wolf" (2013)

Adelaide Kane (Tenaya, RPM) joined the cast of "Teen Wolf" for the sci-fi action drama's third season on MTV. Kane took on the recurring role of Cora, a young werewolf who is discovered to be the younger sister of Alpha werewolf, Derek (series star Tyler Hoechlin). Derek sets out to rescue two members of his pack, Boyd & Erica, in the second episode of the season, titled "Chaos Rising." What he discovers, however, is that Boyd has been imprisoned with his sister, Cora, whom Derek believed had died in a fire years before. With their werewolf abilities unleashed, Boyd & Cora fight Derek and ultimately escape. Kane appears only briefly in the episode. The following episode, titled "Fireflies," picks up the action as Derek, joined by Scott & Isaac, attempt to capture Boyd & Cora, before they can hurt any innocent people. Kane appears throughout this episode under heavy prosthetics to play the wild Cora. In the end, Boyd & Cora are trapped inside the high school and Derek is able to fend off their attacks long enough for the sun to come up, causing their transformation to end.

Episode 3x2 - "Chaos Rising"

 photo teenw-3x2-ak1_zps2d3f7524.jpg  photo teenw-3x2-ak2_zps9341e6d2.jpg
 photo teenw-3x2-ak3_zps4e25bd36.jpg

Episode 3x3 - "Fireflies"

 photo teenw-3x3-ak1_zps0e881393.jpg  photo teenw-3x3-ak2_zps03925a55.jpg
 photo teenw-3x3-ak3_zps0f21fbde.jpg
 photo teenw-3x3-ak4_zps9ff6f03b.jpg  photo teenw-3x3-ak5_zpsd20c2d5e.jpg
 photo teenw-3x3-ak6_zps4510a33c.jpg
 photo teenw-3x3-ak7_zpsafb5f44f.jpg  photo teenw-3x3-ak8_zpsbadc9d94.jpg
 photo teenw-3x3-ak9_zpsee565716.jpg
 photo teenw-3x3-ak10_zpse1b81704.jpg  photo teenw-3x3-ak11_zps0c904c48.jpg
 photo teenw-3x3-ak12_zps61edefa1.jpg
 photo teenw-3x3-ak13_zps98831ea7.jpg  photo teenw-3x3-ak14_zps034242ac.jpg
 photo teenw-3x3-ak15_zps1dc584ea.jpg
 photo teenw-3x3-ak16_zps1b52d9d5.jpg  photo teenw-3x3-ak17_zps2518fb56.jpg
 photo teenw-3x3-ak18_zpsbfe72df1.jpg
 photo teenw-3x3-ak19_zpsadb1ed89.jpg  photo teenw-3x3-ak20_zpsfb37d280.jpg

Season 3 of "Teen Wolf" airs on MTV

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Michael O'Laskey II in "Sinners and Saints" (2010)

The action crime drama "Sinners and Saints" follows experienced detective, Sean Riley, as he tries to solve a string of brutal murders in New Orleans, while also coping with the death of his young son and a crumbling marriage. Riley teams with a young homicide detective in an effort to track down the guilty party, which includes Raymond Crowe (played by Costas Mandylor). Late in the film, Riley discovers a video camera that contains footage of Crowe intimidating young soldiers as they are held captive. Michael O'Laskey II (Young Rocky, MMPR) plays one of the unnamed soldiers seen in the video footage. Bound in a desert with his comrades littering the ground around him, O'Laskey's character is the last to be shown executed by Crowe. O'Laskey appeared in only one brief scene of the film. O'Laskey's previous film "The Sensei," also featured a Mandylor, Costas' brother, Louis.

 photo sinnerssaints-mol1_zpsd7743ff8.jpg  photo sinnerssaints-mol2_zps5e6b93d3.jpg
 photo sinnerssaints-mol3_zps9c7791b8.jpg
 photo sinnerssaints-mol4_zps5b8cd55f.jpg  photo sinnerssaints-mol5_zpseaa280ba.jpg
 photo sinnerssaints-mol6_zps7627e3a2.jpg
 photo sinnerssaints-mol7_zps97da2bba.jpg  photo sinnerssaints-mol8_zps196c73bf.jpg

"Sinners and Saints" is available on DVD

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