Friday, June 22, 2007

Jack Guzman in "End of the Spear" (2005)

Jack Guzman (Danny, Wild Force) appeared on the big screen in the film "End of the Spear," where he portrayed Kimo, a Waodani tribesman in Ecuador, whose life is changed when a group of missionaries arrive in 1956. The violent tribe spears the missionaries to death, leading to a series of events that change the Waodani forever, starting with Kimo, who takes a stand and turns away from the tribe's savage ways. Guzman appeared in most of the film.

"End of the Spear"
is available on DVD

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Anonymous said...

Now this PR actor has been active. You may already know he has appeared on a long list of TV shows, many of them hit crime dramas and soap operas. There are too many to name. However, I have learned of two other films Guzman has appeared in. One is a very odd comedy called 'Adam & Steve', where he plays a security guard. Another film is 'The Genius Club', and Guzman protrays a FBI agent.