Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rene Naufahu in "Green Sails" (2000)

Five years before he was SPD's villainous Gruumm, Rene Naufahu (Emperor Gruumm, SPD) played the role of Sammit in the television movie "Green Sails." Naufahu appeared in several scenes as a member of an Indonesian tribe which is struggling to save their land from corrupt land-developing conglomerate. When one of the company's employees sets out to help the tribe, things get out of hand and the fighting leads to more life being lost in the name of freedom. Naufahu's character, Sammit, who is the right hand of the tribe's leader survives the conflict despite being shot.

"Green Sails" is available on DVD

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Walter Emanuel Jones on "The Shield" (2002)

Walter Emanuel Jones (Zack, MMPR) made his first appearance on the gritty crime drama "The Shield" during its first season. In the show's fourth episode "Dawg Days," Jones makes his debut as Rondell Robinson a known drug dealer who is in the pocket of police detective Vic Mackey (series star Michael Chiklis). Mackey allows Rondell to run his drug business, despite the ethical issues. Jones appears in several scenes of the episode as a gunfight breaks out in a club and Rondell is amongst the shooters, who can be identified by the female cop who was working security that night. Also appearing in the episode is rapper/actor Sticky Fingaz, who starred on the series "Over There" with PR alum Keith Robinson.

Season 1 of "The Shield" is available on DVD

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Jack Guzman on "ER" (2008)

Former Black Ranger Jack Guzman (Danny, Wild Force) appeared on a recent episode of the hit medical drama "ER." Guzman appeared in one scene of the fifteenth episode of Season 14. In the episode titled "...As the Day She Was Born," Guzman appears as a paramedic who is called when Dr. Tony Gates's former father-in-law appears to have breathing problems while spending a day out with his wife and granddaughter. Guzman's character has several lines and interacts with series regular John Stamos who plays Dr. Gates.

Season 14 of "ER" currently airs on NBC

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Latham Gaines & Michelle Langstone in "Superfire" (2002)

The 2002 television movie "Superfire" featured two Power Ranger alums from the Disney era. The film centers around a group of highly-trained firefighters called smoke jumpers who risk their lives to contain deadly forest fires. But when three blazes merge, they turn into a superfire which has the ability to take out an entire city if not stopped. Latham Gaines (Dr. Anton Mercer/Mesogog, Dino Thunder) has a supporting role as Dr. Simon Orr, who briefs the team on their latest technology to track possible outbreaks. He provides technical assistance throughout the film from the crew's base as the superfire emerges. Also appearing in the film is Michelle Langstone (Kat Manx, SPD), who plays Tracy Torreck, the wife of the team's newest member. When her husband is put into serious jeopardy inside the superfire's range, she's forced to watch and worry that he might not make it out alive. Gaines & Langstone do not appear in any scenes together.

Latham Gaines

Michelle Langstone

"Superfire" is available on DVD

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