Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christina Masterson in "Monster-in-Law" (2005)

There's no better day than Valentine's to debut the newest Pink Ranger to join the ranks of Power Rangers. Christina Masterson (Emma, Megaforce) appeared briefly in the 2005 comedy, "Monster-in-Law," starring Jennifer Lopez as a bride-to-be who must contend with her groom's overbearing mother, jockeying for control of his life. Clad in a pink dress, Masterson appeared in one scene towards the end of the film at the characters' wedding. The groom's best friend, Kit (played by Will Arnett), has an affinity for younger women. When he flirtatiously asks Masterson's unnamed character who she came to the wedding with, he gets an unexpected answer when she reveals she's there with her mother, who pulls the girl away from him. Kit is left embarrassed and surprised at how young she is. Christina Masterson was credited as 'Young Girl at Wedding.'


"Monster-in-Law" is available on DVD

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