Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nikolai Nikolaeff on "Sea Patrol" - 11 (2009)

Nikolai Nikolaeff (Dominic, Jungle Fury) continued his starring role on the Australian drama "Sea Patrol," in the twelfth episode of the show's third season. Nikolaeff appeared as Leo '2 Dads' Kosov-Meyer, the HMS Hammersley's electronics technician in the episode titled "Black Gold." Oil is the focal point of the episode after the crew rescues a woman from a life raft, who claims her boat was attacked, along with her husband leading to her escape. When she disappears from the ship, '2 Dads' is part of the search team that heads to a nearby island, where they discover an oil smuggling operation and one of their teammates, Buffer falls into a tank. The team must rescue him before it fills with oil. They later find the woman, but she's dead, unable to give them any answers after accusing one of the Hammersley's dead crew members of being part of the team that attacked her boat originally.

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