Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nikolai Nikolaeff on "Sea Patrol" - 4 (2009)

Nikolai Nikolaeff (Dominic, Jungle Fury) made his fourth appeareance on "Sea Patrol" in the fifth episode of the third season. He continues his starring role as Leo '2 Dads' Kosov-Meyer. In the episode "Ghost Net," the crew rescues a diver who turns out to be a man who once tried to force himself on the Hammersley's navigator, Nikki. Being new to the crew, '2 Dads' knows nothing of the previous encounter but is made fully aware of their new passenger. Nikolaeff spends most of the episode just doing his character's job, as he is not given much focus in this episode. As part of a boarding team, he helps fellow crew member Swain get prepared for a dangerous dive, after the crew discovered a dangerous ghost net in the ocean at the beginning of the episode.

Season 3 of "Sea Patrol" currently airs on 9 Network (Australia)

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