Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jessica Rey on "General Hospital" (2009)

Wild Force's Jessica Rey (Alyssa, Wild Force) popped back up on television screens this Summer, appearing on the daytime soap opera "General Hospital." Rey plays Marita, a young woman who interacts with Michael Corinthos (played by Drew Garrett) in Mexico, while he is in hiding with his sister, away from their family after a tragic car accident. Michael and Marita have an instant connection and given his shyness, it's Marita that asks him out on a date and initiates their first kiss. Interestly, the victim in that previously-mentioned car accident was Claudia Zaccharia, the kids' stepmother, played by Zeo's Sarah Brown. Jessica Rey's character first appeared in the episode that aired August 14th where she first meets Michael. She reappeared on August 18th when Michael & Marita went on their (unseen) date. The screencaps below come from both episodes. Jessica Rey joins the list of PR alums who have appeared on "General Hospital," including Sarah Brown, Ilia Volok and Erin Cahill.

August 14, 2009 Episode

August 18, 2009 Episode

"General Hospital" currently airs on ABC

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