Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deborah Estelle Philips on "The Cavenaughs" - 3 (2011)

Former Yellow Ranger Deborah Estelle Philips' (Katie, Time Force) starring role on the web series, "The Cavenaughs," continued in the third episode, titled "If Only." Her character, Charley prepares to walk down the aisle, despite not being in love with the man she intends to marry. With her close friend Maddie for support, Charley walks down the aisle, with many of her former co-stars from The Cavenaughs (the series within the web series) in attendance. Charley, however, is unable to go through with her vows, revealing to her groom that she can't marry him because she isn't in love with him and because she is really a lesbian. Charley runs out on the wedding and is last seen walking down a street, taking off her veil. The episode runs about 8 minutes.

Episode 3 of "The Cavenaughs" can be seen on Youtube

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