Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jack Guzman on "Chuck" (2010)

Jack Guzman (Danny, Wild Force) guest starred on the latest episode of "Chuck." Main characters, Chuck & Sarah are escaping their spy lives on a train when they find themselves tangled in a case anyway in the third season episode "Chuck vs. the Honeymooners." They discover a terrorist is aboard and set out to stop him, masquerading as newlyweds. Guzman appears as one of the criminal's gun-toting companions. After they apprehend the man, however, they discover that he was in the process of giving himself up. Guzman's character is revealed to be an Interpol agent who was escorting him. After being given this information, Chuck & Sarah realize their friends are in danger as they deliver the turncoat terrorist into evil hands. Guzman's character is last seen being punched out by Sarah so she & Chuck can escape Interpol custody and save the day.

Season 3 of "Chuck" currently airs on NBC

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