Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jack Guzman on "The Forgotten" (2009)

Jack Guzman's (Danny, Wild Force) 20th post here on the blog comes from his brief appearance on the ABC drama "The Forgotten" earlier this month. The series follows a group of civilians known as The Forgotten Network who try to piece together the identities of crime victims who are unable to be identified by authorities. Guzman appeared in the show's seventh episode "Railroad Jane" where he played an unnamed motorcycle cop (who doesn't ride a motorcycle). The Forgotten Network tries to discover the identity of a female after her skull is found near a railroad track. Guzman's cop stops Tyler Davies for a parking violation and when he sees the skull of the female victim hidden in Tyler's car he gets the wrong idea and calls the incident in, thinking Tyler may have something else to hide. Guzman appears in only one scene. Tyler later reveals to his colleagues that despite his criminal past, the cop was very understanding when he explained the situation.

"The Forgotten" currently airs on ABC

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