Monday, January 14, 2013

Cerina Vincent on "The Walking Dead: Cold Storage" (2012)

Cerina Vincent (Maya, Lost Galaxy) joined the zombie apocalypse, appearing on "The Walking Dead's" online webisode mini-series, titled "Cold Storage." Vincent appeared in the fourth and final installment of the mini-series, playing the role of Kelly. The webisodes follow a young man named Chase, on a search to find his sister, who is part of a caravan, trying to get out of Georgia, where the series is set. Chase hides inside a self-storage facility, where he meets B.J., a longtime employee who has taken refuge inside, with everything he needs, including a captive co-worker. Chase discovers Kelly being held against her will for B.J.'s pleasure and he frees her. Chase & Kelly attempt to escape the facility, but B.J. warns that they have no place to go, given the zombies roaming outside. Refusing to spend another second with the monster, Kelly decapitates him. She and Chase are last seen leaving the area in a delivery truck.


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