Saturday, November 9, 2013

Alyson Kiperman in "A Likely Story" (2013) - Short Film

Former Yellow Ranger Alyson Kiperman (Taylor, Wild Force) has been somewhat reclusive in recent years, but the actress popped up for a brief cameo in the short film "A Likely Story." This "screwball comedy," commissioned by Lincoln Motor Company, follows two estranged lovers, one of whom has gained sudden fame for his stories posted online. This doesn't sit well with his ex, who looks to derail his big celebration. Her efforts are interrupted when the party attendees are taken hostage, leading the two of them on the run. Despite the content, the short film is a comedy, as the dialogue is modeled after classic gangster films. Kiperman appears on-screen for only a few seconds at the start of the film, amongst several other women, talking about the guest of honor's success at the party. She has one brief line. Kiperman was credited under her married name, Alyson Sullivan. The full 7-minute film can be seen on Youtube.

 photo likelystory-ak1_zps00f9c19b.jpg  photo likelystory-ak2_zpse7b05c15.jpg
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