Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chris Violette on "Lost Girl" (2013)

Former Blue Ranger actor Chris Violette (Sky, SPD) played a small role in the latest episode of the science fiction fantasy series "Lost Girl." Violette played 'Cell Guard #1' in the third season finale, titled "Those Who Wander." He appeared in three scenes of the episode mostly in the background, with a few lines in two of those scenes. Lead character, Bo, teams up with Tamsin to infiltrate a compound and rescue their allies, including Bo's own mother. Violette's character is one of the guards within the compound. He's present to report to his boss about Dyson, their captive werewolf, and how strong he is. Later, Bo & Tamsin get themselves captured on purpose to get inside and stage a fight, so that the guards will free them to stop the brawl. Violette leads the guards and opens their cell. His act leads to the downfall of the guards, as they succumb to Tamsin's power, causing them all to fall unconscious. "Lost Girl" is filmed in Violette's home of Ontario, Canada.

 photo lostgirl-3x13-cv1_zpsccbef87b.jpg  photo lostgirl-3x13-cv2_zps0ebfe0f3.jpg
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