Saturday, October 1, 2011

Eka Darville on "Terra Nova" (2011)

Eka Darville (Scott, RPM) guest starred in the series premiere of the FOX action drama "Terra Nova." The first episode of the science fiction series, called "Genesis," takes place in the distant future, where Earth's resources are being pushed to their limit. In an effort to save humanity, groups of people are sent back in time to repopulate the Earth and start again, while also facing the dangers of the prehistoric times, including roaming dinosaurs. The series follows the exploits of the Shannon family as they join the Terra Nova colony in the past. Teenager, Josh Shannon, soon befriends a group of local young people, including Darville's character, Max. They show Josh some of the adventures to be had with Terra Nova, including sneaking out of the colony for a swim under a waterfall, creating their own brand of alcohol & of course evading a herd of hunting dinosaurs after their vehicle is stripped of power by a rival faction of humans. Although Max is attacked by one of the dinosaurs, he survives the ordeal and returns to Terra Nova alive.

"Terra Nova" airs on FOX

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