Thursday, September 11, 2008

Michelle Langstone on "McLeod's Daughters" - 4 (2006)

Michelle Langstone (Kat Manx, SPD) continued her recurring role on "McLeod's Daughters" into the fourth episode of Season 6. Langstone reprised her role as Fiona Webb, the fiancee of series regular Alex Ryan. Fiona continues to acclimate to the ranch lifestyle and gets closer to her soon-to-be father-in-law Harry Ryan. His new wife seems a bit jealous when Harry offers Fiona a necklace that's been in his family for generations which he wants to pass down to her. Later, Fiona stumbles onto information about Harry's wife's dealing in relation to the McLeod farm and she is promptly thrown out of the house, which Fiona believes is her fault.

Season 6 of "McLeod's Daughters" is available on DVD

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