Thursday, April 10, 2008

Michael Chaturantabut in "Little Manhattan" (2005)

Michael Chaturantabut (Chad, Lightspeed) played a small role in the romantic comedy, "Little Manhattan." Unlike most romantic comedies, however, this one focuses on two 11-year-olds living in New York. The film's lead character Gabe finds himself falling for the only girl in his martial arts class. Outside of class, he takes an interest in XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts). The popular style was created by PR alum Michael Chaturantabut, who appears in the film as his alter ego Mike Chat, whom Gabe channels whenever he works on his moves in and out of the dojo. Chaturantabut appears in several scenes of the film.

 photo littlemanhattan-mc1_zps7d924c8d.jpg  photo littlemanhattan-mc2_zps15ea88fd.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc3_zps46b64030.jpg 
 photo littlemanhattan-mc4_zps5bd7ba3e.jpg  photo littlemanhattan-mc5_zps174e7ec2.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc6_zps1971058d.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc7_zps429c39e3.jpg  photo littlemanhattan-mc8_zps27b2f388.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc9_zps6db8703a.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc10_zps7ef8d8b9.jpg  photo littlemanhattan-mc11_zpsb651a0cb.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc12_zps664b6034.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc13_zps5b8ec454.jpg  photo littlemanhattan-mc14_zpsc580f762.jpg 
 photo littlemanhattan-mc15_zpscb5bfee1.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc16_zps102edba2.jpg  photo littlemanhattan-mc17_zps4807b975.jpg 
 photo littlemanhattan-mc18_zpse0be30c9.jpg

"Little Manhattan" is available on DVD

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