Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nathaniel Lees & Bruce Hopkins on "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995)

The blog's 21st "Xena: Warrior Princess" post features the final episode where a major Power Rangers actor appears. Nathaniel Lees (Master Mao, Jungle Fury) plays the major guest starring role of Manus, a devout follower of Morpheus, the god of dream. Manus kidnaps Xena's sidekick Gabrielle, with hopes that she will become the bride of Morpheus. Lees appears in several scenes of the first season episode titled "Dreamwalker." Also appearing in the episode is Ninja Storm voice actor Bruce Hopkins (voice of Choobo, Ninja Storm). Hopkins appears briefly as Termin, the first person whom Xena ever killed. She encounters an apparition of him in her Dreamscape Passage, which she must travel through if she hopes to save Gabrielle. This was the first of Hopkins' four appearances on "Xena: Warrior Princess." The two actors both previously appeared on the blog in "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers."

Nathaniel Lees

Bruce Hopkins

Season 1 of "Xena: Warrior Princess" is available on DVD

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