Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Melody Perkins on "Malcolm in the Middle" (2000)

Former villain-turned-Ranger Melody Perkins (Astronema/Karone, Space-Lost Galaxy) made a major guest appearance on the hit FOX sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle" during its second season. In the episode "Convention," Perkins appears as Patty Henderson who is called upon to watch Malcolm and his two brothers while their parents travel to a business convention. Perkins appears in several scenes. Her character also has a crush on Malcolm's older brother Francis, and through flashbacks, viewers learn that Patty was overweight in high school. When she reaches out to Francis over the phone, he spurns her affections, not realizing that she's now thin. Perkins is the second PR alum to be featured on the blog from "Malcolm in the Middle." Karim Prince was the first.

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Kenny said...

Perkins' character had a crush on FRANCIS (their oldest brother), not Reese.

DC said...

Fixed. Thanks for noticing.