Thursday, August 13, 2009

Amy Jo Johnson on "Flashpoint" - 19 (2009)

The second season finale of "Flashpoint" finds the SRU team responding to a shooting inside a hospital. Amy Jo Johnson (Kim, MMPR) continues her starring role as Jules Callaghan, who heads into the dangerous situation, which has her thinking of her time in the same hospital after the shooting that sidelined her. She questions the victim who was a nurse who treated her. Later, Jules and her partner Sam help apprehend the suspects who are hunting down two brothers after the younger of the two witnessed a murder. Johnson appears throughout the episode titled "Exit Wounds," which ends with the SRU team enjoying a toast.

Season 2 of "Flashpoint" airs on CBS

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Anticelebrity said...

Thank you for this blog!
You put in so much work- it's so clean and well put together. Great reference point for a hard-core old PR fan!
Great to see there's many of us that remember and appreciate them!

Nick said...

Thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you like it.