Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Katrina Browne, Nathaniel Lees & Paul Willis on "Young Hercules" (1998)

Episode #5 of "Young Hercules," featured three PR alums, long before their days on Power Rangers. The episode titled "Girl Trouble" finds Young Hercules (played by Ryan Gosling) and his pals Iolaus and Jason traveling to Athens on an errand. They hitch a ride on a ship only to discover a group of young Amazon women being held captive aboard. Katrina Browne (Kapri, Ninja Storm) plays Cyane, the leader of the group of Amazons. She is reluctant to accept any male help but after some bonding time with Hercules in the bowels of the ship, she accepts his help. Nathaniel Lees (Master Mao, Jungle Fury) appears in one scene early in the episode in his role as Cheiron, the centaur mentor of Hercules and his comrades. Lees & Browne would both appear throughout the series in their roles. It is Cheiron who sends the trio on their mission to Athens to locate a new cook for the academy. Rounding out the PR cast is Paul Willis (Baskin, SPD). Willis appears as the episode's villainous Zared, the captain of the ship carrying the Amazons and the heroes. Zared has no intention of setting his valuable cargo free without a fight. He almost kills Cyane in the episode's climactic battle aboard the ship, but he is caught by Hercules, who throws him overboard with Cyane's help. Browne would also appear on "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" as another Amazon, while Nathaniel Lees would reprise his role as Cheiron on that series as well.

Katrina Browne

Nathaniel Lees

Paul Willis

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