Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Erin Cahill on "Saving Grace" (2009)

Erin Cahill (Jen, Time Force) appeared in a seemingly minor role in the third season premiere of the cable drama "Saving Grace" last month. Cahill appeared as news reporter Kendra Burke, who appears in a series of live news reports viewed by the show's main police officers, two of whom (series stars Holly Hunter & Kenneth Johnson) have gotten themselves into controversial trouble by defacing public property which Kendra reports on. When she discovers a video tape of the crime and a lewd act performed by the perpetrators, the two cops think they're in major trouble. But, Kendra is later revealed to be the fiancée of their fellow cop Butch Ada (played by Bailey Chase). The two planned the prank together and also reveal their engagement to their friends at the end of the episode. Cahill is scheduled to make more appearances on the show this season.

Season 3 of "Saving Grace" airs on TNT

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