Monday, January 18, 2010

David de Lautour in "Isosceles" (2009) - Short Film

David de Lautour (RJ, Jungle Fury) starred in the recent short film "Isosceles." David is featured heavily during the first half, portraying Jesse, a young man who's having a really bad day. In fact, the short film begins with him standing on a rooftop, ready to end his life. The unexpected arrival of a distraught pregnant woman, however, puts a stop to his plan. Jesse is annoyed when the woman named Julie refuses to leave the sidewalk where he planned to fall, telling him that she's also had a bad day. Through flashbacks, viewers learn that Julie's boyfriend Simms has revealed that he cheated on her. He says that he plans to break things off and make things work with Julie, but she is still upset, leading her to Jesse. Through more flashbacks, we discover that the person Simms was having an affair with was Jesse, who plans to kill himself after being dumped. "Isosceles" was written by David de Lautour. He also produced the short film, along with the director Anton Steel. "Isosceles" also features PR guest star Edwin Wright (Dr. Walsh, Dino Thunder) in the role of Simms.

"Isosceles" is available to view on youtube

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