Monday, January 18, 2010

Edward Laurence Albert & Vernon Wells on "Conan" (1997)

Four years before their roles on Power Rangers Time Force, Edward Laurence Albert (Mr. Collins, Time Force) and Vernon Wells (Ransik, Time Force) both appeared on the adventure television series "Conan." Both veteran actors appeared in the very first episode of the series, which follows the legend, Conan the Barbarian and his quest to free his homeland from the rule of the ruthless sorcerer Hissah Zul. The first episode, the two-part "The Heart of the Elephant," features Edward Laurence Albert as Dor a resident in a village that Conan visits and convinces to fight against Zul's tyranny. Dor is unwilling at first, wanting to attempt diplomacy instead but after seeing the death around him, he stands up to the army and fights at the side of his people. When their village is destroyed, Dor goes looking for Conan, hoping he'll lead them in the continued fight. Vernon Wells plays the small role of Morga, who uses his territory to stage gladiator fights for sport. After Conan is captured, he is placed into Morga's prison to fight for his life. With Morga watching, Conan stages a prison break, leading Morga to flee.

Edward Laurence Albert

Vernon Wells

"Conan" is available on DVD

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