Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vernon Wells on "MacGyver" (1988)

Vernon Wells (Ransik, Time Force) played a major guest role on the hit '80s action series "MacGyver," during the show's third season. The episode "The Odd Triple," finds MacGyver agreeing to accompany his best friend Jack when he takes a job to pilot and protect a rich Frenchwoman who has just acquired a set of expensive jewels and wants to get them home safely. However, upon landing in France the men are arrested and accused of stealing the jewels, as their female boss gets away with them. After learning she was a thieving impostor, the two men escape custody and look to get the jewels back. Vernon Wells appears in the episode as Paul Donnay, the woman's partner who intends to sell the jewels to the highest bidder. When MacGyver is caught by Paul's men he wants him dead, but his partner refuses, saying no one was supposed to get hurt. Paul is annoyed at her compassion and locks her up with MacGyver only for them to escape and ultimately thwart his plans.

Season 3 of "MacGyver" is available on DVD

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