Sunday, December 27, 2009

Adelaide Kane on "Neighbours" - 4 (2007)

Episode #5221 of "Neighbours" is titled "Blue Bye You" and sees Adelaide Kane (Tenaya, RPM) continuing in her role as Lolly Allen. At this point in time, Lolly remained the object of Zeke's crush, not realizing that he was romantically interested in her. In this episode, Lolly comes to visit Zeke's sister Rachel and Zeke gets excited when it appears Lolly's staring at him. What he doesn't realize is that he has ink smudged on his lip. Zeke later tries to redeem himself, asking Lolly to a movie. She agrees and he finally feels he's got her interest. But his sister later reveals that Lolly is only attending as a bored friend with nothing better to do, once again leaving his love unrequited.

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