Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vernon Wells in "Green Street Hooligans 2" (2009)

Vernon Wells (Ransik, Time Force) plays a supporting role in the film "Green Street Hooligans 2." The sequel finds members of the soccer team from the first film in prison, along with members of a rival team, leading to many violent encounters in the UK prison. Vernon Wells stars as the Governor who oversees the facility. When they receive an influx of new prisoners, he's forced to release some who would not be a danger to society. The two officers in charge have opposing views of who should be released. The honorable guard Arthur Mason favors the Green Street trio while his corrupt superior Veronica Mavis suggests their dangerous rivals be released. In the end, the Governor decides to hold a soccer match between the two sides to determine who will be released. Of course, the heroes are victorious and Mavis' corruption is finally exposed. The Governor has her arrested.

"Green Street Hooligans 2" is available on DVD

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