Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Melanie Vallejo on "Packed to the Rafters" - 5 (2009)

Melanie Vallejo (Madison, Mystic Force) recently reprised her role as Kat Ripley on the Aussie drama "Packed to the Rafters." When Kat was last seen she had slept with Ben Rafter, ruining his relationship with his girlfriend Melissa. Kat then burglarized their house and disappeared. Fast forward several months to the new episode titled "A Small, Traditional Affair..." and Ben & Melissa are preparing for their wedding. Ben's male family & friends attend his bachelor party where he's blindfolded for the stripper. When she removes his blindfold, Ben sees it's Kat. Both are stunned to see the other and Kat flees immediately. Ben follows her outside to confront her about the theft, but Kat turns the tables on Ben, telling him that he has no idea how hard life can be thanks to his perfect existence. When she learns he's marrying Melissa, she gets even more upset, calling Ben's life "safe" and promises that it will be ultimately unfulfilling.

Season 2 of "Packed to the Rafters" currently airs in Australia

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