Monday, March 23, 2009

Melanie Vallejo on "Packed to the Rafters" - 4 (2009)

Melanie Vallejo (Madison, Mystic Force) made her fourth appearance on "Packed to the Rafters," reprising her role as Kat in the episode "House of Cards." The title is quite appropriate, given that Kat's world comes crashing down in this episode. On the heels of a drunken tryst with Ben Rafter, Kat convinces Ben not to tell his girlfriend Melissa to salvage their relationship and to keep her housing intact. As fate would have it, Melissa begins to warm to Kat and the two start to become friends. Kat's past comes back to haunt her as the mystery man looking for payment comes looking for more. After a failed attempt to borrow cash from her friends, Kat lies to them all, claiming her brother has a drug problem and is in danger. Her mystery man spills the beans to her roommates, telling them that Kat has a gambling problem and has built up a major debt. Fed up with her deception, she's tossed out of the house but not before exposing her affair with Ben and ruining his relationship with Melissa. Kat leaves the house, taking with her most of the expensive items inside, making her a thief as well.

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