Sunday, February 15, 2009

Melanie Vallejo on "Packed to the Rafters" - 2 (2009)

Melanie Vallejo (Madison, Mystic Force) continued her role on the Aussie drama "Packed to the Rafters." She made her second appearance in the second episode of the second season, titled "Having it All." Her character Kat settles into her new home with her new buddies Ben and Carbo. Her relationship with Ben's girlfriend Melissa, however, remains strained. Kat offers to shop for the house, subjecting them all to her healthy traditions. Melissa confides in Ben that she has a bad feeling about Kat, but Kat goes behind her back to talk to Ben about how much Melissa hates her. He agrees to play referee without telling Melissa that Kat asked for his intervention. Kat seems very happy to have a secret with Ben. Vallejo appears in three scenes of this episode.

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