Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Edward Laurence Albert & Roger Velasco in "Stage Ghost" (2000)

The year before he took on the role of a Power Ranger parent, Edward Laurence Albert (Mr. Collins, Time Force) starred in this low-budget independent film, which puts a different spin on the horror genre as the film is also a western. It tells the story of a group of people who are haunted by spirits at a stagecoach station and are killed one by one, apparently by ghosts. Albert stars as a U.S. Marshall who is transporting a prisoner, who becomes his biggest ally. Also appearing in a supporting role is former Ranger Roger Velasco (Carlos, Turbo-Space). Velasco appears in several scenes of the film as a gunman also waiting at the stagecoach station. The two actors appear on-screen together for most of the film, until Velasco's character, Pedro Gonzalez, is killed by the "spirits." Full zips of both actors' screencaps from the film are available to download below.

Edward Laurence Albert

Roger Velasco

Click Here to Download All 44 Edward Laurence Albert Screencaps
Click Here to Download All 18 Roger Velasco Screencaps

"Stage Ghost" is available on DVD

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onchee aka onchangel said...

I have a website for Edward and was wondering if its okay to use the screen captures and if you have anymore from any of his other tv appearances/movie could you let me know?

Nick said...

You're welcome to use anything on the blog. Please do.

The only other project I have for him are screencaps from the movie "Fighting Words" which I'll be adding a little later this month.

If any of the zip files on his earlier posts are expired, just leave a comment on them and I'll upload them again for you.

onchee said...

Thanks Nick so much, heres my page address http://www.geocities.com/onchee/index.html, it still needs some work, especially with html I"m a beginner. I sure do appreciate the screen caps of a very special man and I'm always looking for new pics. Thanks again, God Bless.

Nick said...

You're welcome. Glad to help. I hope to add some more stuff on Edward sometime this month.