Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Edward Laurence Albert on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" - 2 (1993)

Edward Laurence Albert (Mr. Collins, Time Force) continued his role as Dr. William Burke on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman." In the episode "Where the Heart Is: Part 2," Dr. Burke tries to make a commitment to Dr. Quinn (series star Jane Seymour), not only asking for her hand in marriage, but offering her half of his new medical practice. But, the arrival of her true love, Sully (played by Joe Lando) forces Dr. Quinn to make the ultimate choice. In the end, she leaves Dr. Burke behind to return to the frontier. This would be Albert's second of four total appearances on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman."

Season 2 of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" is available on DVD

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