Sunday, March 18, 2007

Edward Laurence Albert on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

Another blast from the past post is the late Edward Laurence Albert (Mr. Collins, Time Force) who appeared on the science fiction series "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" during it's very first season back in 1993. Albert had a major guest starring role in the episode "A Man Alone," where he played an alien from the planet Bajor named Zayra, who comes aboard the Starfleet space station, Deep Space Nine. Albert interacts with several of the series stars, including Avery Brooks and Nana Visitor. When a Bajoran hero is murdered aboard the station, Zayra is amongst those who blame the stations's chief of security due to his past with the victim. Albert appears in several scenes.

Season 1 of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" is currently available on DVD